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Article: Festive Candle Displays

aery ceramic candle holders with blue candles and white flowers

Festive Candle Displays


Seeing as the festive season is here, and in the spirit of gift-giving, we've teamed up with The Bath Flower School to create some simple yet effective natural displays for our Aery candle holders.
We love seeing how creative you get with your own displays at home. All taking pride of place on your coffee or dining tables. 
Supplying you with crafty tips and tricks on where to find your flowers or foliage and how to look after them. We have you covered this season (and even through to spring!).


Pine Cones - For the Hygge lover

Simple but effective. We've kept it clean and minimal. The dark pinecones contrast against the matte white ceramic.
You could opt for a mixture of shapes and sizes and maybe even a dash of snow for a nordic inspired centrepiece.

Bulbs - For the gardener

These make perfect gifts for those who have green fingers!
Create unique displays for your loved ones, not only do they look wild and earthy now.
But will continue to bring joy through to spring when they flourish into beautiful floral blooms.

Pine branches - For the traditionalist

Traditionally, when it comes to the festive season, we think of greens and reds. With this in mind, we bring you this classic display.
Simple and stylish, filled with lush verdant sprigs. The perfect use for those tree offcuts or winter walk forages.

Hellebores - For the modernist

Hellebores are an iconic winter flower and come in a variety of beautiful colours and tones.
These are hardy annuals so if you have any sort of outdoor space you can grow your own and use the flowers as they continue to come back year on year.
We've kept this one stylishly minimal. White flowers teamed with bronzed skeletal twigs for a modern twist. These make great side table additions.
Note: Hellebores love to be cold, so won't fare too well next to a radiator.
To keep them fresh you can pop them in water overnight and trim the stems every couple of days so they can get a good drink.

Dried flowers - For the free-spirited

And finally, for the free-spirited amongst us. Dreamy clouds of miniature white dried flowers.
Arrange small plumes of these together for an effortlessly whimsical look that will continue to bring smiles month after month

Hopefully, we've managed to inspire you with these decorative candle holder arrangements.
We're looking forward to seeing what you create this festive season!

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