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collection of aery living aromatherapy candles and diffusers decoratively displayed on a coffee table

The why and the how

Discover more about Aery Living

It's our mission to bring you feel-good quality fragrance for you and your home. Allowing you to wind down the right way, through life's simple pleasures.

Our journey began back in 2018 born from a love of wellbeing & planet. We wanted to create something that was completely immersive and, with purpose. Inspired by the multi-sensory aspect of creating fragranced products it has lead us to create our signature collections you've grown to fall in love with. And that contribute to your daily wellbeing by evoking deeper feelings through scent.

2022 saw us open our own factory and begin production ourselves. Made right here in the heart of bristol with our lovely team of candle experts! This was a super proud moment for us that has allowed us to produce as sustainably as we can.

Person carrying large block of plant based wax ready for candle making
persons hand sticking wicks in candle vessels ready for candle making
persons hand sticking wicks in candle vessels ready for candle making
decorative shelving display of botanical aery candles surrounded by indoor house plants
Kitchen sink setting with green bamboo aery living candle, hand wash and hand cream

How we

Create consciously

Proudly made in Bristol in the UK we source sustainably! Using only 100% plant-based naturally derived wax and carrier oils that are free from Paraffin, Palm Oils & GMO's.

All of our products are vegan & cruelty-free as are the materials we use to make them! Another way in which we strive to be as sustainable as we can is by taking care when developing our packaging. That's why all of our candles and diffusers are completely plastic-free & recyclable.

When producing our signature scents we use renewable energy (including solar powered forklifts!) and deliveries are made using a carbon neutral carrier.

We use renewable energy and deliveries are made using a carbon neutral carrier.


Our commitment to bringing you feel-good doesn't stop there! We also plant trees with our partners Ecologi, meaning you plant a tree for every order placed online.

Trees are crucial for us to offset carbon and that's where Ecologi comes in. Working alongside 'The Eden Reforestation Projects' - Supporting community work in Madagascar by planting Mangrove forests. These act as carbon sinks with their boggy saturated ecosystems. Amazingly, this project has planted over 265 million trees and contributed to millions of working days to local communities!

hand using stick to remove any air bubbles in freshly poured candles
A collection of fernweh aery living candles in pink neutral tones decoratively displayed on coffee table

What goes into

Our Candles

We use 100% plant-based wax to make all our candles. Free from Paraffin, GMO and Palm Oil meaning it's renewable and biodegradable. Along with this, we use lead-free cotton wicks so you can enjoy a cleaner and longer-lasting burn with all of your Aery candles. 

What goes into

Our Fragrances

We've worked hard on developing the 5-star fragrances you've all grown to love! Combining the best of Science & Nature to craft our unique fragrance blends using naturally derived essential oils and non-toxic fragrance oils to create our distinct range of scents. 

Essential oils
offer known wellbeing benefits through different applications. We use these carefully with consideration for the environment so you can experience the power of Aromatherapy at home.

Fragrance oils offer a powerful scent throw and complexity. From an environmental standpoint, they are better for the planet avoiding mass farming of certain plants and flowers. Blending the best of both essential oils and non-toxic fragrance oils gives us an opportunity to create the ultimate feel-good aromatherapy experience throughout our collections.

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