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Article: How to Choose a Scented Candle when Shopping Online

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How to Choose a Scented Candle when Shopping Online

Here at Aery Living, we’re massive fans of bringing a little luxury into our lives with a scented candle. And we can all agree that there’s nothing better than lighting your favourite scented candle when you come home after a long, busy day. However, we don’t always have time to go shopping for our favourite scents in person and that’s where online shopping comes in.

As scented candles become more popular, and as our lives become even busier, there are increasing amounts of scented candles being made available to purchase online. Although this choice and availability can be a massive benefit, it can also make it harder to choose a scent (especially when you can’t smell it!). We thought we’d put together a handy guide of a few of our favourite tips when it comes to buying scented candles online.

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What scents do you already like?

Now this may seem like an obvious one but knowing what scents you already like is key to shopping for fragrance online. Most websites will separate out candles into sections like floral, fruity, musky or woody and that can be a HUGE help! If you’re looking more a little more in depth then it’s worth researching the notes used in the scented candle (usually listed in the product description). If you’re not sure what notes you already like, then try typing your favourite scent into websites like fragrantica to find out!

Should I choose different scents for different rooms?

Whilst different scents may be more appropriate in different rooms, this is completely up to you! As a home fragrance company, we do recommend fresher, citrusy scents for bathrooms or warmer, soothing scents for bedrooms. But this is completely open to interpretation and what one person may find relaxing another may find overpowering. Although there may be rumours about home fragrance etiquette, when it comes to choosing the right fragrance the only important thing is that you’re happy.

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How powerful do you like your fragrances to be?

Fragrance strength is usually explained in the product description and can go a surprisingly long way in helping to choose your next scented candle. Consider whether you’re looking for a nice subtle background fragrance to gently scent your home or maybe you’re in need of something a whole lot stronger to cover that famous wet dog smell! If you’re in need of something subtle, strong or somewhere in between, knowing how powerful you’d like your fragrance to be can help avoid disappointment when your long-awaited purchase arrives in the post.

Scented candles are a great way to add a little luxury to our already busy lives. And shopping for scented candles online doesn’t need to be a huge challenge. With some gentle research and careful thoughts regarding your favourite scent profiles, you can easily make a selection that’ll be perfect for you.

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