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Let’s face it, treating ourselves to home fragrance can feel like an investment, so why wouldn’t we want to make the most of our favourite scents? However you choose to scent your home, whether it’s with reed diffusers, scented candles, room mists or fragrance oils, we’re always looking for ways we can make our fragrances last longer. We love reed diffusers for their long-lasting fragrance and effortless ability to scent our spaces all day long; so we’re here to show you how you can make your favourite reed diffusers last longer.

Fig Leaf reed diffuser displayed next to flowers


What are reed diffusers and how to they work?

Reed diffusers are a great, flameless way to scent your home. Not only are they low-effort and simple to set up, they’re every interior-lover’s dream with their stylish design. They work by inserting reeds into a bottle, glass or jar of scented diffuser oil. We’re incredibly proud to say that Aery reed diffusers use a 100% plant-based sustainable oil, combined with dreamy fragrance and essential oils to deliver our signature scents. The reeds then soak up this scent, which travels subtly around your home to scent your space.

Blue before sleep reed diffuser displayed next to bed side table


What reeds are used in diffusers?

Diffuser reeds can vary in material; from natural rattan, faux rattan, pourex, fibre and bamboo (it’s a long list, we know!). We use rattan reeds as they are naturally porous, meaning the absorption of the fragrance oil is a lot quicker for optimum scent throw (the technical term for how faint or strong a fragrance travels through the air, and how much it passes through a space).  

Green Bamboo reed diffuser by Aery placed next to vase of flowers 


How to make your reed diffuser last longer? 

At 200ml, Aery reed diffusers will last up to 4 months, but there are a few things you can do to make yours last longer. Like most things in life, if you show your reed diffusers a little TLC they will thank you for it. To keep your scent circulating your space, make sure to turn your reeds and swirl the oil regularly. It’s also important to keep them out of direct sunlight as this can often bleach the oils and allow the heat of the sun to evaporate the fragrance quicker than usual.

And when your fragrance oil runs low, you no longer have to purchase a whole new diffuser! You can now top-up your Aery scents with our refill pouches that have been designed to encourage less waste. As well as refilling your diffuser, you can also give it a new lease of life with our pack of replacement reeds, containing enough for 3 uses.

Fernweh diffusers displayed on wooden side board  with books and flowers
Now you have reed diffusers that are with you for life, you can thank us later! 

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