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Article: 3 Places You Should Put Your Reed Diffuser

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3 Places You Should Put Your Reed Diffuser

So you've ordered a brand new reed diffuser and it's just arrived through the door. But where is the best place to put a reed diffuser? Reed diffusers are different to candles as they give you a continuous fragrance whereas a candle's fragrance is experienced for the time it's lit. 

Meaning diffusers are perfect for adding subtle hints of relaxing or uplifting fragrance throughout the day. Having a beautifully scented home really does add that little bit of luxury.

They're fabulous for adding a little bit of decoration around your home and filling empty spaces on sideboards or shelving units. Once you've tried our reed diffusers we think you'll agree with us that they're an essential for every home!

So let us share with you our top three places we're putting our reed diffusers at home.


Reed Diffusers for your Bedroom

There's no better feeling than finding your perfect wind down routine Before Sleep. For some (including us)! getting ready for bed is something to look forward to. When it comes to general mood and wellbeing our sleep and the quality of, is a big contributor.

So why not add a dreamily scented reed diffuser to your bedside essentials - where you can experience relaxing fragrance while you drift off to dreamland. 

We'd also recommend, if you have a guest bedroom to keep one in there too. Your guests will thank you for it later. Fill the room with welcoming and comforting notes that'll inspire a little bit of calm.

Typically, sleepy essential oils and fragrances are Lavender, Patchouli or Cedar. These have amazing calming affects that will work to soothe your central nervous system and reduce cortisol levels. 

beside table setting, with open book and dusty pink bedding. Aery living reed diffuser and pillow mist displayed on table

Reed Diffusers for hallways and reception areas

Placing reed diffusers in a hallway or open reception will mean you'll feel welcomed when you return home along with providing a little mood-boost right before you leave! Whichever scent you choose it will send a signal to your brain's smell centre (Olfactory bulb) linked to areas that control memory meaning these fragrances are likely to always remind you of home.

If you have small tables, side boards or shelving units popping a diffuser on there will work wonders. Create a colourful display and style those empty spaces. 

We would recommend something fresh, citrus or floral if you're looking to feel uplifted. Alternatively something a little more soothing such as Cedarwood, Sandalwood or Frankincense if you're in the mood for something cosy and comforting.

coffee table setting with coffee cup and hand next to an aery living fig leaf reed diffuser

Reed Diffusers for your home office

When creating your home office, it's important to create a space you want to be in, feel inspired along with providing a sense of calm. Fragrance can contribute to positivity and focus which will no doubt lead to a good level of productivity (and we're here for that!) Placing a reed diffuser on a desk or shelf can help make a difference. Have fun creating the ultimate shelfie you can showcase when having your daily zoom meeting.

Fragrances that are great for encouraging feelings of focus and positivity are Peppermint, Grapefruit and Sandalwood. Why not pair with a matching scented candle ready to be lit on those colder and darker days. 

sideboard setting with decorative coloured clay pot reed diffusers

Choosing to scent your home can make such a difference in your general wellbeing. Whether it's pumping your bedroom full of dreamy lavender or having the freshest smelling bathroom. Whatever your taste in fragrances, we hope you’ve been able to find a new favourite reed diffuser to make your room smell delicious.  


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