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Article: Are Reed Diffusers Eco-Friendly?

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Are Reed Diffusers Eco-Friendly?

Being responsible for the environment is something we should all try to build into our daily routines. Saving the planet is hard but even small gestures can go a long way, helping to reduce your impact and increase your responsibility when it comes to environmental matters. Here at Aery Living our mission is to be as environmentally friendly as possible but we acknowledge this is an ongoing battle. So, here’s some steps we’ve taken to ensure the designs of our reed diffusers are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Recyclable Packaging.

Here at Aery Living we’ve put the utmost effort into making sure our reed diffusers are great for you and the environment, down to the smallest detail. Our reed diffusers all come in sustainable, plastic free packaging that can easily be recycled. These gorgeous designs are printed on part-recycled board, using nontoxic vegetable inks and are sourced responsibly. Not only this, but our reed diffusers are all shipped using a carbon-neutral courier!


a detailed side profile of layers of corrugated card board

Long Lasting.

Reducing how much we throw away is a great step in helping the climate. The average candle in the UK burns for only six hours before being thrown away, so you can imagine how much waste that produces! It’s worth noting our candles burn for around 50 hours! Our Reed Diffusers are a great way to reduce this throwaway culture as they last for approximately three to four months! Taking care of your reed diffuser properly is important in maintaining the long-lasting fragrance, so if you’re looking for tips check out our blog piece on it here!


Sustainable Design.

Did you know that plastic candle casing takes up to 1,000 years to decompose in landfill? Reed Diffusers are a great alternative to help reduce this waste as they’re usually made of glass. All our reed diffuser bottles are made of either recycled glass or ceramic. Not only can they be recycled but also reused, they look great when used as a vase! Every part of our reed diffuser design is environmentally friendly. Reeds are created from natural rattan, base-oils made from alcohol-free Augeo, which is 100% plant based and to top it all off the bottle is sealed with a biodegradable wood pulp cork. These choices aren’t only eco-conscious but are also perfect for filling your house with divine scents!  


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No Smoke or Fumes.

Some products that are used to scent the home, like paraffin candles or incense are not eco-friendly and can give off fumes and soot. As well as these unpleasant side effects they can cause safety concerns, as you’re often dealing with open flames and smoke which, if left unattended can cause fire. Reed Diffusers are perfect to reduce both environmental and safety concerns as they can be left unattended and don’t let off any nasty fumes! This means you can sit back, relax and enjoy the delectable scents without having to worry about anything.


Our Aery Living Reed Diffusers are a great eco-friendly choice when it comes to choosing a method for scenting your home. They’re long lasting, designed sustainably, come in recyclable packaging and don’t give off any smoke or fumes. As well as this, our products are always vegan, GMO and cruelty free so you can purchase them in good conscience! If you want to check out our other environmentally friendly products, including our paraffin free candles made from sustainable soy, check them out here!


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