How To Use Your Reed Diffuser

Our collection of reed diffusers provide your home with beautiful long-lasting scents ranging from light and floral to rich and musky. Our reed diffuser base oils are made from Augeo which is 100% plant-based and bursting with fragrance. Diffusers are a great way to enhance your space with a luxurious long-lasting scent.

Diffusers vs Candles

Both are great ways to spread fragrance through your home. The difference is that candles are quicker, can be slightly stronger and the scent throw tends to be only around the time you light it whereas a reed diffuser is a little more ‘in the background’ giving out a subtle and continuous fragrance throughout the room. They’re a great to decorating your shelves, nestled in corners while being flame and electric free.

So here are couple of tips on how to get the most out of yours.

Aery Living Reed Diffuser and Scented Candle on a side table with decorative pampas grass

1.    How to set up your reed diffuser

All our reed diffuser bottles are sealed with a biodegradable seal (made of wood pulp, nifty hey?!). Before you remove anything, give the bottle a quick shake then peel away the seal and remove the cork by gently twisting and pulling upwards. Once your bottle is ready, open your reeds and pop them in and give them a little stir around. Our reeds are made of natural rattan, these tend to have small channels running through them which are perfect for drawing up the scent from the bottle and slowly filling your room with dreamy scents. We advise giving your diffuser 24 hours for the oils to disperse through the reeds. Try placing our Heavily Meditated where you practice your yoga so you can sink into your mat.

2.    How to care for your reed diffuser

Once you’ve set up your reed diffuser and are enjoying its beautiful scent, it’s important to take care of the reeds. We advise turning them every two weeks for a stronger scent throw or every four weeks if you prefer something a little more subtle. Rattan reeds are great because they’re a natural product, easy and ethical to source. They work great as reeds as due to the nature of the wood the oil can travel up freely. It’s always good to keep spare reeds and change over when the fragrance starts to fade. The placement of your diffuser can make a great difference, placing your diffuser up high and in an open space will allow it to utilise the airflow and send fragrance flowing through your room. Keep an eye out for those much-loved pieces of furniture too! To prevent any risk of ring marks, make sure you place on a protective surface. Anything from a coaster to a stack of your favourite magazines, get creative with it!


Aery Living Botanical Collection Reed Diffuser with decorative props and plints on a cream background

Top tips!

We recommend keeping out of direct sunlight, the light can cause the scents and oils to evaporate much quicker. It can also make the fragrance go off, again meaning less time enjoy!

Pick the right size for your space. If you have a larger room or something a little more open plan, we would recommend doubling up and dotting a few around your space. Your standard 200-350ml won’t disperse as well. These are more suited for smaller rooms, bathrooms and en-suites.

3.    Where to place your reed diffuser

The placement of your diffuser can make a great difference, placing your diffuser up high and in an open space will allow it to utilise the airflow and send fragrance flowing through your room. Though sometimes choosing the perfect place to sit your reed diffuser can be difficult, especially when there’s so many fragrances to choose from! We find the type of scent can help with this decision. If you’re drawn more towards mood-boosting, light-hearted and fresh scents, try placing your diffuser somewhere you’re likely to need it! Bathrooms for a morning wake-up call or a laundry/utility room to keep things vibrant and fresh.  

We love using Eternal Optimist in hallways and reception areas to give yourself and your guests a warm welcome.

If you prefer softer, calming and more soothing scents, you’re more likely to use these in bedrooms, living spaces and those areas you like to unwind and decompress in.

The great thing about reed diffusers is they generally take care of themselves and require minimal care. So you can sit back, relax and enjoy the ambience of your luxury new fragrance!


Aery Living Aromatherapy Reed Diffusers

Our favourite rooms for our top 5 reed diffusers 

Before Sleep & Dream Catcher
Perfect for master bedrooms, bedside tables or shelves. Drift off into heavenly scents with natural reed diffusers.

Positive Energy
An allrounder! Your positivity tonic! Spread the good vibes in open reception areas and home office spaces for a happy and focused environment.

Heavily Meditated
Create a silky dream-like mood in your living space with this one. Our yogi’s favourite this reed diffuser works well placed to work its magic wherever you practice your yoga.