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Article: Best Reed Diffusers For Your Home

Table in front of a white wall and on top of an oak floor next to a potted plant

Best Reed Diffusers For Your Home

Smell is the only scent that connects directly to the brain. So, it goes without saying that making sure you pick the right fragrance for your home is vital to your happiness and wellbeing. Home Fragrance is key in making your house a home and, whilst we’re massive fans of scented candles, reed diffusers are the best choice for long lasting scent. We’ve hand selected a few of our best reed diffusers for your home. Whatever you’re looking for our diverse and unique fragrance range is sure to have something for everyone!

Best Reed Diffuser for Offices

Citrus Tonic is our go to diffuser for stimulating the mind. This zesty, fresh fragrance is guaranteed to invigorate your senses and boost your mood. Making it the perfect reed diffuser for home offices or studies! This delightfully crisp fragrance is sure to keep your office smelling clean and summery all year round! For uplifting citrusy scents of lime, mandarin and bergamot, why not give it a go?  

Citrus Tonic Reed Diffuser presented on a white counter next to a range of house plants in white pots

Best Reed Diffuser for Bathrooms-

Looking for a fragrance that’s sure to put a bounce in your step? We recommend Revive. Revive uses invigorating and stimulating scents of cedar, bergamot and amber that are sure to awaken the senses and steady the mind. This fragrance is perfect for easing you into the day, so we recommend placing it in bathrooms and letting these lively notes awaken and motivate you for optimal effect.

Best Reed Diffuser for Bedrooms

It can sometimes be hard to switch off at the end of a busy day but coming home to the dreamy scents of Before Sleep is sure to help! Before Sleep is the perfect scent for winding down and drifting off. These silky scents of lavender, eucalyptus and cedar are best placed in the bedroom to create a pure relaxation station! Settle down in bed and let this luxurious scent ease you off to a dreamily good night’s sleep. Try rotating the reeds before bedtime for the best results.

Before Sleep Reed Diffuser presented on a copper table infront of a grey wall and potted houseplant

Best Reed Diffuser for Living Rooms

Summer isn’t too far away now but if you’re getting impatient then Eternal Optimist is the scent for you! A luscious uplifting blend of blossom, jasmine and sandalwood this fragrance is ideal for invoking a summery mood and bringing a smile to your face, whatever the weather! Best positioned in open reception areas and bathrooms for maximum impact (and compliments!). Why not bring some cheer into your home with Eternal Optimist?

Best Reed Diffuser for Hygge Vibes

Hygge is the word on everyone’s lips at the moment, and it’s understandable why! A Danish word meaning; a cosy quality that engenders contentment and wellbeing (and who wouldn’t want their home to feel like this!). Our favourite fragrance for ultimate Hygge vibes has to be Nordic Cedar. This cosy combo of nutmeg, cedar and cinnamon is perfect for conjuring up images of thick woodland and cosy log cabins! Let this scent waft through your home and bring some cosy scandi vibes with it!

Nordic Cedar Reed Diffuser presented on a white countertop infront of a white wall next to some potted plants

Picking the right fragrance for the right place in your home is essential to making your house a home. Whether it’s a lively and optimistic scent or a relaxing and stimulating one. We hope you’ve found some reed diffusers you like the sound of in this list. What different scents do you prefer in different parts of your home?

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