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Article: Embrace cosy culture

aery candes on wooden tray on top of a blanket in bed with a coffee and a book

Embrace cosy culture

Approaching day-light saving can bring about a variety of feelings. We embrace the seasonal change and welcome it with open arms!
Providing you with our favourite selection of cosy candles to evoke feelings of crackling log fires, burning embers, fallen leaves and warming red wine.
Our fragrances are designed to fill your space with delicious and grounding scents that make the perfect retreat on a dark winters eve. 
Here's a few things we will be getting up to as we approach this cosy new season.

Aery Living Scented Candle Indian SandalwoodAery Living Good Vibes Aromatherapy Scented Candle

Get outside

Lifestyles are becoming busier and busier. So, it's important to give yourself enough time to get outdoors however that may be.
A long walk with friends or family, your favourite running route or even a sunny (but chilly!) cycle to work.
Mentally taking time out in the fresh air has huge benefits for our wellbeing. This time of year is a great time to enjoy new sights and smells of the changing seasons.
Surround yourself with nature and bring some of the outdoors in from your adventures 

Seasonal food.

Seasonal food is in abundance, tasty and nutritious treats to be made into your favourite dish.
Keeping healthy this time of year is important and one way to look after ourselves is by eating warm and nourishing meals.
A firm favourite is a hearty pumpkin soup topped off with a generous side of crusty bread .
Top tip: roast your pumpkin seeds for a rustic topping.
Aery Living Scented Candle Persian ThymeAery Living Aromatherapy Scented Candles

Staying in.

Get the logs on the fire and reach for your favourite blanket!
Staying in is the new going out. There's nothing better than getting into your comfies after a long day and sipping on a hot chocolate. 
Aery Living Aromatherapy Scented CandlesAery Living Serene Scented Candle

Take time out

Even though things can slow down this time of year we can still forget to de-compress. Put your phone down and turn your screens off.
By now, we all know the benefits this has to our wellbeing. So switch off, relax and recharge yourself.


Create your calm

Cold fingers and toes call for warm baths. Light your favourite scented candle and unwind. Rituals before bed can be a small way of improving your quality of sleep.
Run a bath, light a candle and do your stretches. Once you have mastered what works for you there's no turning back!
Aery Living Scented Candle Before SleepAery Living Scented Candle Matcha Green Tea

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