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Article: 5 steps for making your home Christmas more sustainable.

5 steps for making your home Christmas more sustainable.

5 steps for making your home Christmas more sustainable.

It’s fast approaching that time of year again and we’re getting into the Christmas Spirit here at Aery Living. Filled with fun, family, cheer and friends. But on the flip side of this comes with over consumption, waste and plastic. It’s suggested that the UK alone sends up to 100 million rubbish bags to land fill each year, with 30% more rubbish being produced than any other time of the year. 

Christmas can often be a stressful time already for many without the added strain of trying to stay sustainable through-out the season. So, we wanted to provide you with 8 simple ways to help toward making your Christmas that little bit more green.



It’s hard to avoid gift wrap – Whilst it can be lovely choosing your gift wrap and spending time wrapping presents for loved ones you often see the aftermath on Christmas day with piles or torn paper that goes straight in the bin.

Why not try avoiding new plastic-coated wrapping papers, there are plenty of ways you can get creative and show off your gift-wrapping skills.


  • Reuse: Keep decorative gift boxes and bags to re-use along with any nice ribbons you may have.
  • Use brown recycled paper: Plastic-free, recycled and biodegradable! Create rustic looking master pieces with contrasting ribbons and festive decorations such as sprigs, dried fruits and cinnamon sticks
  • Fabric pieces: If you’re a dab hand at sewing you’re likely to have left over pieces of material tied up with a festive bow. You never know your recipient may re-use as wrapping next year or find a use for it within their home.



Don’t forget you can keep your wrapping paper you receive so you can use it next year!


sustainable christmas gift wrap featuring kraft paper, twine and re-usable ribbon




It’s easy to slip into the routine of buying gifts or tokens for the sake of it at times or even just get carried away when shopping for gifts often leading to waste; this year try thinking quality not quantity. Gifts with sentimental value, an experience or useful presents are all great ideas which can reduce the chance of your gift being thrown away.



With festivities often comes tradition – one being the Christmas dinner. Research has shown that the consumption of meat around this time increases the amount of greenhouse gas and by going plant-based this can help in the reducing emissions. Understandably, its not always easy completely switching especially where dietary requirements may come in but small changes can lead to big differences.

 overhead image of plant-based baked snacks displayed decoratively


The pressure of gift giving can be REAL! You want to choose something just right for that special someone. Buying eco or from smaller brands always feels a little more thoughtful and meaningful. You can also feel confident you’re gifting consciously. These gifts will have less carbon footprint to be made, are usually made with recyclable non-plastic packaging and can often be designed to last longer.

 aery living northern lights scented candle in decorative product packaging displayed on a coffee table ready to be gift wrapped in front of a christmas tree


With the invites for Christmas parties coming in, the temptation to buy a new outfit for each occasion can be high, with the ease of fast fashion buying new clothes couldn’t be more enticing. However, the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world and the festive season can often see an increase in new purchases. Many only being worn once. When looking for your new outfit try buying something second hand or with a view to wearing again. Why not try a rental service if it’s something a little smarter.


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