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Article: How Does Scent Trigger Memory?

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How Does Scent Trigger Memory?

Smell is one of our strongest senses and research has discovered strong connections between scent, emotions and nostalgia. Here, at Aery Living we know how important fragrance is to wellbeing and filling your home with smells that remind you of positive past experiences can really help improve your mood!

The power of scent-based memory is well documented and massively impacts our mood (whether we realise it or not!). But how does it work? And why is it important? Keep reading to find out!

Scent For Memory, How does it work?

Scent is often thought of as our strongest sense as it connects directly to the brain. Studies show that incoming smells are processed by the olfactory bulb which travels directly from the nose to the bottom of the brain. This bulb directly connects to the two brain areas that are associated with emotion and memory (the hippocampus and the amygdala). Other senses do not pass through this area so this direct link to the brain may be why smell, over any other sense, is so successful at activating feelings and memories.  


female surrounded by greenery holding and smelling a flower

But it’s not just humans that experience scent-based memory! Research shows that our furry friends mostly rely on scent to identify their owners and understand the world around them. So, fragrance and nostalgia are heavily linked (whether you’re a human or animal!) but why is it important?

Fragrance and Wellbeing.

Scent and emotion are undeniably linked, whether we’re aware of it or not. Fragrances that remind you of happy memories can help evoke nostalgia and ease anxiety in stress by bringing to mind these recollections. And making your home a Happy Space by including your favourite fragrances is a great way of boosting your mood with minimal effort.

If springtime is your favourite season, then why not use floral fragrances like Eternal Optimist to evoke memories of that time of year. Or if woodland walks are more your thing and you often find yourself stuck inside, then Black Oak can be used to conjure up feelings of nostalgia. Don’t underestimate the power of smell and explore what scents bring to mind happy memories to fill your home with the best vibes possible.


living wall with fluro light sign saying 'and breathe'

Fragrance, feelings and emotions are all intertwined, so it makes sense to surround yourself and your home with fragrances that generate your happiest memories and most positive emotions. What aromas fill you with nostalgia? Why not check out our diverse range of home fragrances here to find your new favourite scent!

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