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Article: What is Plastic-Free July?

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What is Plastic-Free July?

We all know that using plastic is bad for our planet. And with an increasing amount of research on the effects of plastic pollution and the impact microplastics it’s clear that reducing plastic is essential to tackling the climate crisis.

Plastic is an intensely durable material (and a by-product of the fracking industry) which means it doesn’t biodegrade and instead breaks down into microplastics – this is clearly a massive issue when we throw away over 5 million tons of plastic in the UK a year. However, plastic is so widely used in our everyday products that it can be hard to cut out using plastic completely. This is where initiatives like plastic-free July come in to help!

 Plastic-free July is a movement which informs people about the impact of plastic pollution and educates them on alternative options to pave the way to a plastic-free lifestyle. Started in Western Australia in 2017, this movement is now celebrated worldwide with thousands of participants. Plastic-free July doesn’t ask participants to be perfect but instead values ‘small changes that add up to a big difference’. Here are a few ways that Aery Living are helping to reduce our plastic waste and some tips to use in your daily routines as well!


Three Ways Aery Living Are Helping to Reduce Plastic Pollution

  1. Eco-Friendly Packaging- When our deliveries are sent out, they are packaged without plastic, in FSC recycled packaging with non-toxic inks and delivered by carbon neutral carriers.
  2. Recyclable Containers- All of our products come in recyclable, reusable and sustainable packaging and are perfect for upcycling. If you want to check out some fun ways to upcycle our candle holders check out our guide here!
  3. Giving Back- We plant one tree for every product we sell online through our partnership with Ecologi. By giving back to the planet we help to offset carbon and have so far offset the equivalent of 15 long haul flights! Follow our journey with Ecologi here.

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Three Easy Ways You Can Help To Reduce Plastic Use


  1. Avoid Plastic Wraps- Choosing alternatives to cling-film (or other single-use wraps like tin foil) such as reusable glass containers or beeswax wrap is a small, quick and easy way to make your kitchen more eco-friendly!
  2. Pick Reusables- Bringing along reusable coffee cups and shopping bags is a great and simple way to help the environment by avoiding single use plastic. And you get to choose your favourite design, result!
  3. Choose to Refuse- Refusing single-use plastic cutlery, straws and other freebies can be hard but simply refusing these items is a great way to reduce plastic use. If these are items, you find yourself picking up more often than not why not invest in sustainable alternatives like metal straws or bamboo cutlery?

 biodegradable compostable bag containing fresh apples

Plastic-free July is a great way to challenge yourself and be more environmentally friendly. Whilst reducing plastic pollution is something we should all aim for, corporations and individuals alike, a little change can go a long way so don’t feel overwhelmed! Being more aware of the companies you buy from, and their practices is a great start. If you want to find out more about the ways in which Aery Living helps to give back to the planet, then why not check out our blog here!

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