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Dream Catcher Gift Set - Lavender Patchouli and Orange

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Essentials for your wind-down rituals.

Dreamy combinations of Lavender & Patchouli for the ultimate wind-down. Promoting better sleep and relieving stress and anxiety this gift set will be a bedside essential 

Plump and spritz those pillows and be ready to catch some quality zzz's

Calming aromatherapy that will feel just like a hug and leave you with a sense of balance. So plump those pillows, get your eyemask ready and settle in for a dream-like evening.

Unwind in silky-smoothness

Fragrance Strength - Medium
Top notes - Orange Peel
Middle notes - Lavender, Garden Herbs, Chamomile
Base notes - Cedarwood, Patchouli

Box Contents:
Dream Catcher Scented Candle
Dream Catcher Pillow Mist
Dream Catcher Hand Cream

Good for you & Better for the planet

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