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Article: 5 Ways To Practice Self Love

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5 Ways To Practice Self Love

While we love celebrating love in all its forms, there’s none as important as self-love. It’s easy to neglect the relationship we have with ourselves, so we’re here to help you prioritise loving yourself. Self-love is all about treating yourself with kindness and recognising your worth, and we’re sharing a few things you can do to make this a little easier. Ready to start loving yourself? Read on for our 5 ways to practice self-love...

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Self-care Rituals

Self-care and self-love go hand in hand. By taking time out of your day to focus on yourself, you’re saying to yourself that you matter. Making this mindset shift and seeing yourself as a priority can be difficult, so making a conscious effort to pencil in these rituals is key. Not only does self-care reinforce the belief that you’re worthy, it fills up your cup so you can give love to others without feeling burnt out. If you’re looking for ways to practice self-care, you can find our favourite rituals here.

Positive Affirmations

We often beat ourselves up with negative self talk, which leads to feelings of unworthiness. Embracing positive affirmations, whether writing them down or saying them aloud, can shift your mindset from doubting yourself to feeling empowered. Not only do they banish any negative self-talk, they can also help you find compassion and remind you that you deserve to love yourself.

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Setting Boundaries

Setting boundaries that prioritise your wellbeing shows to yourself and others that your time, needs and feelings are important. It’s easy to fall into the trap of people-pleasing, but putting in place these limits means you’re seeing yourself as a priority. Not only do boundaries allow you to make choices that align with your values, they create a safe space that reduce feelings of burnout and overwhelm that happen when you put everyone but yourself first.

Embrace Your Hobbies

Not only do hobbies offer a break from everyday life, they serve as a form of self-care. We know how important self-care rituals are when it comes to practicing self-love, but embracing your passions gives you a space for self-expression. Making time for activities you love is an expression of self-love and prioritises your own personal growth. Most importantly, embracing your hobbies will bring you joy, and is a great way to build a loving relationship with yourself.

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Spend Time Alone

It’s hard to foster a loving relationship with yourself if you never spend any time alone. Take yourself on solo dates and carve out time for yourself, whether that’s treating yourself to a coffee alone or going for a walk to be with your own thoughts. It’s during this solitude that you will get to know yourself better, allowing you to understand your thoughts and feelings more deeply.

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