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Article: 5 ways to use your room mist in and around your home.

5 ways to use your room mist in and around your home.

5 ways to use your room mist in and around your home.

When you think of home fragrance, your mind tends to go towards candles, reed diffusers and oil diffusers. All perfect for adding home comfort at any point in the day. Room sprays can often be over looked or forgotten. But not with us! 

Room mists are a great way to uplift any space with a quick spritz of a beautiful fragrance. Unlike diffusers, room mists are used to give an instant boost. They can also contribute to longer lasting scents when paired with scented candles or other home fragrance - they're a great way to enhance any space. Below we share some great places to spritz those heavenly scents.

Using a room spray is the best and easiest way to fragrance your chosen room. Especially as we're moving into colder months and maybe spending a little more time indoors. Below are a few of our favourite ways to use a room mist at home.


eternal optimist room mist and product packaging on a decorative tray placed on top of a coffee table in a sitting room environment

Room mists for your pillows and curtains.

Giving your curtains and bedding a quick spritz is a great step to add to your morning routine. This will leave your bed smelling delightfully fresh, like brand new laundry every day and let those essential oils do their thing. Give our Positive Energy mist a go, for a fresh and light feeling every morning. The grapefruit essential oil will help to trigger those happy hormones giving you a lovely morning boost. If you are someone who loves keeping your room tidy, a room mist is the perfect finishing touch to keeping your room feeling clean and crisp.

In your doorways.

Using a room mist around a doorway is the perfect way to set the vibe as people walk into your home. Give a good spritz of your chosen room mist around the doorframe and door. This is perfect for shops, spas or when guests are coming over. We would recommend our Indian Sandalwood room mist with its warm and inviting fragrance of raspberry and pink pepper.

decorative image of three different coloured velvet cushions stacked on one another

In your car.

Probably a more unusual option but we're here for it! Car journeys can be long and tiring but giving your car a quick spray of a refreshing and mood-boosting scent will sure get you ready for the journey ahead! The essential oils in the mist will also help you to feel uplifted and energised! Why not try our Eternal Optimist room mist to get the good vibes rolling for your ride!

On your furniture and cushions.

Before you enjoy a cosy evening on the sofa give your cushions and sofa a quick spray. As you sink down into your cosy nook and nestle in, enjoy the warm and cosy scents of Heavily Meditated, filled with notes of Frankincense and Patchouli for a soothing and relaxing evening. Also a great time to spritz your furniture is after a long walk as you relax with a hot drink for a little down time.


living room set up with sofa blanket and small coffee table with decorative plant

How we have been using our room sprays.

We can’t get enough of room mists at the moment! With the warmer weather behind us and Autumn in full swing, we’ve been reaching for ours more than ever. Especially after a long and soggy dog walk! Get in, put the kettle on and give your room a good spritz to get those cosy vibes going. Why not set the scene before a relaxing bath, or yoga session. You really can use room mists any way you like, which is why we love them so much here at Aery! 


women doing yoga pose in front of large open windows

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