Why baths are the ultimate self-care essential

Ever wondered why bath salts are good for you? We're outlining a few reasons why bath salts are our favourite and you'll always find them in our bathrooms. 

Our bath salts are perfect for a cosy evening in. The beautiful fragrances and luxury blend of Himalayan and Epsom salts create a heavenly relaxing feel. There are some amazing benefits, not to mention the additional bonus of giving us all the minerals we need! Below are some reasons why we love sinking into the tub.

stand alone bath tub surrounded by palm plants in an open bathroom setting

Great for stress relief and boosting your mood.

Settling into a tub of warm water has amazing soothing effects. This comforting feeling is sometimes all we need after a long busy day. Using bath salts can also be a great touch to get those happy hormones flowing. Try our Positive Energy fragrance, the fresh and zesty smells of grapefruit and mint will be sure to give you the mood boost you're looking for. 

Helps to improve sleep quality.

We all know how important sleep is as a form of self-care. But sometimes, catching some good quality zzzs can be hard, baths are a great way to wind down in the evening. The change in your body temperature as you get out from hot to cold helps send those sleepy signals to your body that it is time to rest. Our Before Sleep bath salts are perfect for creating a deeply relaxing heaven, the lavender essential oils will help relax your CNS to prepare you for a good night's sleep.

ruffled and cosy bed setting with crumpled sheets

Reduces muscular tension to get the blood flowing.

A hot bath is great for soothing and relaxing your body. But a bath full or dreamy salts will soon be your best friend if you’re looking to reduce muscular tension. As Epson salts enter water they break down into magnesium and sulphate. Plus, magnesium is a great mineral for muscle recovery! Try our Heavily Meditated fragrance when your body next needs that much needed rest. Enjoy the beautiful notes of patchouli and frankincense which will help you unwind naturally with its silky-smooth fragrance. 

It is easy to include in a daily routine.

One of the best things about baths is they can be done however you like. You can start running a bath whilst getting on with your to-do list or simply enjoy the downtime and wait until the tub is full. Bath time rituals can be so personal, and you can guarantee everyone’s is that bit different. Do you put your salts in while running or after? Are you a playlist or podcast listener? A book or catch up on an episode of a new series you’re watching? Whatever your set up, grab your favourite drink, light a candle and dive in for a well-earned spot of self-care!


bath caddy with jar of bath salts, two miniature candles and glass of white wine