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Article: How aromatherapy can be tailored for you

How aromatherapy can be tailored for you

How aromatherapy can be tailored for you

How aromatherapy can be tailored for you

With Summer coming to an end and Autumn around the corner we’re beginning to sink back into our routines or even craving to forge new ones that work better for us. Winding down into cooler temperatures and slightly shorter days you may find yourself reaching for the blanket or a hot tea when you get in from work.

After a busy Summer, we can find ourselves feeling a little burnt out or overwhelmed. Firing ourselves back into work or university schedules after holiday season. It can be tricky trying to balance everything and allowing ourselves that much needed time out!

No matter how you are feeling, aromatherapy can be tailored to you. Helping you feel soothed, relaxed and focused for the months ahead as we start to wind down into a new season.

aery living moroccan rose scented candle in dusty pink clay being held in a persons lap


What aromatherapy is good for sleep.

After a busy day at work with those deadlines looming it can be hard to unwind and relax your mind, especially when you’re ready to drift off into a deep sleep. This is a great time where the soothing and relaxing effects of essential oils can help.  

Essential oils used in aromatherapy work by soothing the central nervous system, which allows our heart rate to slow and our brain activity to lessen so we can switch off and in turn, help us feel ready to fall into a dreamy and relaxing sleep.  

Applying a sleep spray to your pillow or lighting a scented candle before bed would be the great way to do this. Once you create your own before sleep rituals there will be no looking back, get ready to feel truly rested and ready for anything the following day. 

Essential oils that will be your evening companions are Lavender, Frankincense & Cedar.

dream catcher lavender scented candle from aery living on a beside table with person laying in bed reading a book

If you’re looking to take a trip to dreamland, why not try our fragrances below?  

What aromatherapy is good for for focus.

After a busy summer and adjusting back into a slightly slower and more focused routine it’s still easy to get distracted with new change. If you’re finding yourself in this situation and wanting to settle into new routines back at home, work, or university we suggest diving into these essential oils Peppermint, Bergamot, Lemon & Eucalyptus.  

Used in aromatherapy these mood-boosting scents can help regulate serotonin and dopamine in the brain which helps you to focus and elevate your mood. Using aromatherapy to aid your focus can be so beneficial not to mention uplifting.  

Why not stick a diffuser on your desk at work or home office to help inspire you throughout your day.  

aery living soy wax candle on desk next to laptop while person works

If you are wanting an extra boost to help you focus we recommend trying… 


What aromatherapy is good for for relaxing.

We all know the importance of having time to yourself. Whatever you do to relax make sure allowing yourself this time, even if it’s just 20 minutes. We’re all guilty of saying yes at times when we should say no.  

We’re advocates for self-care here at Aery and you can guarantee ‘relax’ looks different to everyone in the team. With an infinite supply of soothing scents here our favourite essential oils for relaxing are Chamomile, Neroli and Rose.

These essential oils can help soothe your central nervous system so your heart rate slows and your cortisol levels decrease.  

So, whatever your unwinding rituals look like. Having a bath, meditating, yoga or reading there is nothing better than using aromatherapy. Sink into pure bliss and enjoy some quality you time! 

rose scented candle by aery living being lit by a person on top of a bath caddy with books and miniature candles

If you are wanting to relax in your down time we recommend… 

What aromatherapy is good for for mood-boosting.

Need a boost? Got an early meeting you’ve not been looking forward to, woken up to grey skies and a huge to-do list? This is where essential oils and aromatherapy will be your best friend. Look out for these oils for an instant uplift. Pink Grapefruit, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang.

We’d recommend trying a diffuser either in your bathroom or bedroom. The inhalation of essential oils helps to trigger those hormones we like to call happy hormones. Sometimes all we need is a little boost at the start of the day to uplift our spirits and then we are in for a good day.  

aery living fernweh ceramic clay candle in front of someone cross legged on the floor while they light the candle with a match

If you want something to help uplift your spirits we recommend…


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