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Article: Best scented candles for sleep

before sleep aery candle displayed next to person reading on a bedside table along with matching diffuser and pulse point roll on

Best scented candles for sleep

There’s a scented candle for every mood and moment, whether you want to feel calm, uplifted or energised; but the most sought after scents are those that help us fall asleep. Sleep is fundamental to our overall wellbeing, and not getting enough of it can be detrimental to our health. In a world that’s designed to keep us awake and ‘always on’, it’s never been more important to find ways to priortise sleep to help us get our best night’s slumber. 

Aromatherapy has been known to promote better sleep, using essential oils to help us drift off peacefully. One of the easiest ways to embrace the art of aromatherapy at home is with scented candles. Not only does the ritual of lighting a candle before bed signal that it’s time to unwind, but this act of self-care can help soothe anxiety and stress after a busy day. 

Whether you’re looking for a scented candle to accompany your evening soak in the bath or your bedtime journaling, there’s sure to be one (or more!) for you on this list.

Heavily Meditated

Our Heavily Meditated scented candle is the perfect fragrance to take you from day to night. Not only does its notes of frankincense promote mindfulness, its soft flickering glow has a meditative effect, helping you to unwind after a busy day. The comforting scent also includes notes of patchouli and eucalyptus, known for promoting calm and melting away stress and anxiety. The blissful fragrance finds itself at home in any space, and is the perfect addition to a living room, bathroom or bedroom.

bath complete with bath caddy and aery living bath salts and lit candle

Dream Catcher 

Our Dream Catcher scent of lavender, patchouli and orange is sure to instill some calm in your evening routine, helping you leave the stresses of the day behind. Lavender is a recurring scent in our bedtime fragrances and has been used to improve sleep quality for hundreds of years, making Dream Catcher the perfect candle to light before settling down for the evening. And if you can’t get enough of the dreamy scent, you can double up with a spritz of our Dream Catcher pillow mist.


lavender dream catcher pillow spray in bedroom setting with candle lit in the background on a bedside table

Before Sleep

As its name suggests our Before Sleep scented candle was created with your best night's sleep in mind. the restful fragrance perfectly blends the go-to sleepy scent of Lavender with cedar, another calming essential oil known for reducing stress and helping you sleep peacefully. The Before Sleep fragrance is also available in bath salts - A blend of Himalayan and Epsom salts to soothe and comfort making them the perfect due for a self-care evening routine.

  sleep gift set in light blue box

Sleep Happy 

The Sleep Happy scented candle has been perfectly crafted to send you off to sleep happy - hence the name. The restful scent features chamomile, a well-known herb that's usually found in tea and known for its soothing and calming properties. The fragrance also features scents of lavender (surprise, surprise!) and bergamot to create a wonderful blend that - when lit - creates a cosy sanctuary that's perfect for sleep.



bedside table setting with person ready and aery living lit candle and matching pillow mist

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