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Article: What is scent-scaping?

collection of ceramic aery living scented candles displayed decoratively on a coffee table

What is scent-scaping?

How to use the fragrance self-care trend this Autumn.

Here at Aery, we know how powerful aromatherapy can be. Have you ever walked into a room and felt transported to another time or place? It’s not uncommon for certain scents to unlock personal memories, feelings or places. This clever art of evoking emotion through fragrance has now been given a name; scent-scaping. Also known as fragrance-layering, scent-scaping uses the powers of reed diffusers, scented candles and room mists to create a different mood for each room in your home.


The new self-care trend is perfect for autumn as we spend more time hibernating at home. Read on to discover our top tips for scent-scaping your living spaces this season.

Living Room

Beyond being a place to relax and unwind, living rooms reflect our own personal style. So choosing a scent that feels like 'you' is they key to scent-scaping this space. Whether you like fruity, fresh or woody scents we'll have a fragrance for you. As it’s a space that’s used most frequently in your home, layering reed diffusers, candles and room mists is the best way to create long lasting fragrance.

 herbal tea scented candle and diffuser displayed on coffee table in front of a vase of flowers


Often described as the heart of the home, the kitchen is where we spend most of our time - especially in the autumn and winter months. Whether you’re baking up a delicious treat or cooking a Sunday roast, we recommend scents that will energise and uplift. Our Good Vibes fragrance delivers just that, in both the reed diffuser and scented candle (the dream duo for long-lasting fragrance!). Its playful yet comforting notes of ginger, rhubarb and vanilla are the perfect choice for autumn.


Home Office

In this new world of hybrid and remote working, it’s never been more important to design a workspace that supports your wellbeing. Our Positive Energy scent is the perfect choice for home offices and - as the name suggests - its notes of pink grapefruit and vetiver create a feeling of positivity. Its fruity notes are wonderfully blended with mint to help stimulate focus, which is key to productivity. 

  positive energy candle and matching diffuser on coffee table with person in the background


Creating a calming atmosphere in your bathroom is the easiest way to recreate a spa-like experience. Using scents that are associated with sleep and restfulness such as lavender, chamomile and eucalyptus, will instantly soothe the senses. We recommend our Dream Catcher and Before Sleep fragrances to set the scene for your evening routine.



Ah, the sanctuary we escape to at the end of each day. The bedroom should be a place of blissful relaxation, preparing you for your best night’s sleep. There are so many ways you can scent-scape this space, from pillow mists and reed diffusers, to simply lighting a candle to help you unwind before bed (remembering to blow it out, of course!). We've already rounded up the best fragrances for sleep, just in case you need a little more help choosing your sleep scent.


aery living dream catcher candle and matching pillow mist displayed in product packaging

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