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Article: Fragrances for Mood Boosting

Fragrances for Mood Boosting

Fragrances for Mood Boosting

A good fragrance isn’t just about how it smells, but what emotions it conjures up. Here at Aery Living, we understand that fragrance can have a significant impact on your mood! The January blues can be very real so if you’re looking to put a spring in your step then why not try a mood-boosting essential oil or fragrance. We’ve put together a top five fragrances to help you feel rejuvenated, energised and ready to take on the world!


Rosemary is the perfect fragrance if you’re stuck in a rut! This herby fragrance is known to improve mood and relieve stress. As well as this, Rosemary is known to unblock the mind and encourage creativity. So if you need to get the creative juices flowing, we recommend burning our Inspire candle for a light, uplifting scent that’s sure to spark the imagination!

detailed shot of a rosemary bush outside


Lemongrass is a super clean and refreshing scent! This ancient herb is well known for relieving stress and anxiety. We recommend our Retreat candle for all you Yogis out there!  It’s best lit before a yoga or meditation practice. Let the fragrance float the room and help to restore and energise your wellbeing. If you’re looking for a calming fragrance that’s sure to put a smile on your face, why not try lemongrass!


Bergamot has long been used in folk medicine to dispel low mood and reduce anxiety symptoms. Bergamot is perfect for balancing your mood and encouraging emotional stability. If you need to cancel out some negative emotions, lighting a Bergamot scented candle may be a good start! We recommend Sleep Happy for the ultimate calming scent. Infused with Bergamot, Chamomile and Lavender this dreamy fragrance is sure to dispel any negative emotions.
Detailed image of a bergamot hanging from a tree


Often associated with cooking, Ginger is actually a perfect warming and stimulating scent. This inviting fragrance is ideal for enhancing concentration, soothing feelings of sadness and battling fatigue. If you’re looking to fill your room with an appealing and uplifting atmosphere why not try our Good Vibes reed diffuser! Reed Diffusers are a great option to fill your home with a subtle fragrance over time without worrying about open flames.
 detailed image of ginger root sliced


Eucalyptus is the perfect scent for a refresh! This versatile fragrance is sure to rejuvenate and energise your mood and wellbeing. Eucalyptus is perfect for adding a kick to your daily routine and filling you with the get-up-and-go you need. As well as being energising, Eucalyptus can also be used to clear the mind which is perfect for unwinding before bedtime. Our top pick for an uplifting Eucalyptus fragrance is Before Sleep. This delectable scent is ideal for promoting a good night’s sleep, reducing stress and giving you clarity.  
detailed image of eucalyptus leaves with droplets of water
We hope this blog has helped you to find a new scent to boost your mood and inspire wellbeing. Although it’s only a small thing, spritzing an enriching fragrance can really help you to improve your mood, energise your wellbeing and uplift your spirits. What are the fragrances that never fail to boost your mood? Get in touch and let us know on our socials!

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