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Article: Heatless Home Fragrance Guide


Heatless Home Fragrance Guide

Filling your home with your favourite fragrance can be a great contributor to your day-to-day mood. Whilst scented candles are the usual go-to option for home fragrance they aren’t always available to everyone. Whether it’s restrictions whilst renting or worrying about creating a fire hazard for pets or children, there is more than one option to make your home smell delicious! We’ve listed some of our favourite flameless ways to bring feel-good fragrance into your home (without the worry) and to help make it the sanctuary you deserve!  

Room Mists

Room mists are a great option to spruce up your home! Simply spritz a few times to add a little freshness and lift your mood. Best used in entry ways or before guests arrive, room mists are perfect for elevating your home fragrance experience. Our wonderfully diverse range of room sprays means there’s something for everyone!  

For the Meditation Expert  

Heavily Meditated your meditation companion. This gorgeous combination Frankincense and Patchouli is best sprayed before a yoga or meditation practice. Simply inhale a few long deep breaths and let the scent help clear your mind and relax your body.  

For Cosy Scandi Vibes 

Nordic Cedar is a firm favourite here at Aery HQ along with you lovely lot! Luscious scents of Cinnamon, Cedar and Bergamot are fused to conjure up cosy images of thick forests and log cabins. If you want a fragrance that helps you escape at the end of a busy day than look no further than Nordic Cedar. 

For Uplifting Citrus Sensations 

Positive Energy is ideal if you’re looking to scent your home office or living area. Citrus scents are well known for helping to put a spring in your step and helping to elevate your mood. Enriching notes of pink Grapefruit, Vetiver and Mint are designed to inspire and excite, just the ticket for bringing some cheer into your home!  

Reed Diffusers 

For a more long-lasting effect, reed diffusers are your go-to! Place in a corridor or doorway for the best impact. Our reed diffusers also come in wonderfully designed containers to add a little pop of colour to your interiors. Another heatless option, reed diffusers are more of a continuous fragrance compared to scented candles and there’s no need to worry about open flames! It’s a win-win! 

For Your Pamper Station  

Serene is a fresh yet comforting fragrance. This unique blend of Violet, Lilac and Spa Water makes it the perfect scent for an at home spa day. This reed diffuser is best placed on your dresser or makeup table to help you feel totally zen when getting ready to take on the day or to help you unwind at the end of it!  

For A Dreamy Nights Sleep  

Dream Catcher is an absolute bedtime hero and the ultimate reed diffuser for the bedroom. This delicate, dreamy fragrance of Lavender, Orange and Patchouli has been perfectly formulated to bring balance and calm into your home. If sleep is something you struggle with then why not give it a go?  

For Bathrooms and En-suites  

Herbal Tea is a great reed diffuser for bathrooms and en-suites. This clean and fresh floral and herb scent can help your bathroom seem cleaner and fresher! These revitalising notes of Eucalyptus, Lavender and Thyme, mandarin and bergamot are also brilliant for soothing your spirit, calming anxiety and helping give you that extra boost first thing in the morning.  

Not being able to light candles doesn’t mean you have to end up with a smelly home! We hope our tips for filling your home with beautiful fragrance (without a need open flames) has helped inspire you to try something new. What’s your favourite way to scent your home without heat?   

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