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Article: How to Care for Your Candle

How to Care for Your Candle

How to Care for Your Candle

Imagine you’ve come home after a long day and go to light your favourite candle to unwind a little. But it’s run out! Taking care of your candle is essential and can keep it burning for longer (result!). And nobody likes running out of their favourite scented candle! So, we’ve put together a few handy hints to make sure you enjoy your candle and keep it burning for longer!

Wait a little…

We understand the excitement of receiving a new candle, but its best to wait a while before lighting. Making sure the wax is warmed up a little beforehand helps to prevent tunnelling and can help your candle last longer. Letting your candle adjust to room temperature for at least a day should help ensure a long and even burn.

Keep out of Direct Sunlight...

Lighting your candle in well-ventilated room, away from draughts, can help to prevent black marks or uneven burning. As well as this, try to keep your product out of direct sunlight. This could cause the candle to discolour and affect the quality of the wax, making it likely to melt in the heat.
pink aery living candle with flickering flame

Burn for Longer…

Try to avoid lighting your candle for short periods of time. Once lit, keep the candle burning for at least two hours at a time. Burning for less time can make the candle tunnel, whilst burning for longer can cause the wick to slant. So, try to resist the temptation to burn for more than four hours!

Trim the Wick…

Crooked or long wicks can create smoking and black marks. Trimming the wick of your product is one of the best ways to prevent this. We suggest only trimming to 15mm if you experience any clumping on the wick. Keeping the wax pool free of debris is also a good idea if you want to prevent smoke and encourage your candle to burn faster.
trimming a candles wick
We hope these handy hints keep your candle burning for longer! If you’re looking for more tips on candle care, why not check out some more of our product care tips here. If reed diffusers are more your vibe then check out our care tips for them here!


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