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Article: How to get the best out of your reed diffuser.

How to get the best out of your reed diffuser.

How to get the best out of your reed diffuser.

Buying home fragrance whether it's reed diffusers, oil burners, scented candles or room mists can be feel like an investment. It's a little bit of luxury which is why you'll want to trust who you're purchasing from, trust the ingredients and take care when setting up or using them, ensuring you're getting the best out of them. In just a few minutes we'll be able to share with you how we get the best out of a reed diffuser here at Aery Living. 


happy space reed diffuser by aery living displayed on a brass counter top next to decorative dried flower

What are reed diffusers and how to they work?

Reed diffusers are a great way to fragrance your home with minimal effort. They're simple to set up, stylish and long-lasting meaning they're a popular choice to enjoy around the house. 

Reed diffusers work by inserting reeds into a bottle, glass or jar of scented diffuser oil. Carrier oils can vary so check the labels if you're unsure. We use a 100% plant-based sustainable oil combined with fragrance and essential oils. The reeds then soak up the scent which will then waft subtly around your home. Discover our top 3 rooms we're using our reed diffusers here

What reeds are used in diffusers?

Diffuser reeds can vary in material, from natural rattan, faux rattan, Pourex, fibre and bamboo. The combination of carrier oil and reed can determine how successfully your reed diffuser will emit its stunning fragrance. We use rattan reeds as these are naturally porous meaning the absorption is a lot quicker. Our oil isn't too viscous so it can be easily pulled up through the reeds for optimum scent throw.

How long do reed diffusers last?

At 200ml our reed diffusers will last up to 4 months but this will vary on depending on size. We recommend taking extra care with your diffuser to get the most out of it. Of course, there can be other factors that may determine the lifespan of your diffuser such as size, bottle design, the quantity and substrate of your reeds along with your carrier oils quality. 

Reed diffusers vs scented candles

We're often asked which is best. A scented candle or reed diffuser? And the answer totally depends. Both have amazing benefits. Reed diffusers offer heatless and flameless fragrance solutions meaning you don't have to worry about children, pets, leaving them unattended or rental restrictions. Allowing you to enjoy feel-good home fragrance completely care-free!

Candles on the other hand offer a more of an instant fragrance hit. The scent throw tends to only stick around the time you have the candle lit. Whereas reed diffusers offer more of a continuous subtle scent throughout your room or home. 

aery living eternal optimist candle and diffuser displayed on a side table with book and cusion

How to set up a reed diffuser

Once you've opened the fully recyclable packaging make sure to give the bottle a good shake. Remove the cork lid gently twisting and pulling upward. Now gather your reeds and place them into the bottle swirling them around a little - once you've done this turn the reeds so they're covered in the oil on both ends. Gradually over the next 24 hours, the fragrance will be drawn up through the reeds filling your space with luscious scent! For a fragrance more noticeable we would recommend turning the reeds regularly - for something subtle, simply turn less.

How to make the most out of your reed diffuser

For best results, we would recommend always giving the oil a swirl and turning your reeds. It's always handy to have a few batches of spare reeds too to replace ones that may get blocked over time. Keep out of direct sunlight too, this can often bleach the oils and allow the heat of the sun to evaporate the fragrance quicker than usual.

And lastly, placing your diffuser somewhere high up and open is always best as the airflow will help the fragrance waft much easier. 

coffee table setting with tray and vase of white flowers next to an aery living reed diffuser in foreground and person sitting reading in the background  

Scented candles aren't the only way to enjoy a little bit of feel-good home fragrance. We hope this guide has been a helpful whistle-stop guide to learning more about reed diffusers and how they work.

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