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Article: How to live more sustainably at home with The Seep Company

How to live more sustainably at home with The Seep Company

How to live more sustainably at home with The Seep Company

We've teamed up with our friends over at The Seep Company to bring you a few tips on becoming that little bit more sustainable at home!

It can be a complete mind field when it comes to living sustainably, especially when there are so many things you can do, where do you even start? Rather than feeling overwhelmed, you’ve come to the right place to educate yourself on the easiest ways you can make a difference day-to-day. Here are the best tips on living sustainably in 2022 👇


Knowing what you are eating, where it has come from and what happens to it when you’re done with it, is something we should all try and learn a bit about...

Stick with seasons: You would be surprised at the amount of food we consume which comes from overseas, on planes or ships, and most likely grown under intensive farming regimes. Becoming more aware of food seasonality will help you eat and shop more sustainably, as your food will have been grown in the UK.

Veg Box Crazy: We aren't saying everything you eat must be UK/locally grown, we know that isn’t easy for everyone. However, doing a little means a lot and so by even just challenging yourself to eat two seasonal meals a week is a great habit to make.

Leftover Lovers: Change your attitude to leftovers, think ‘ingredients’ not ‘leftovers’, turn dinner into lunch, or maybe even dedicate a night to leftovers once a week. Stale bread can be breadcrumbs stowed in the freezer, pop old veggies into soups or roast them and chuck them in your salads for a tasty lunch!

fresh vegetables


Remember, your home should improve your happiness and wellbeing...

Say no to plastic tools: Did you know that 400 million sponges are thrown away in the UK a year? 80% of them are made from virgin plastic. Seep sponges are 100% compostable and plastic-free, their little sponges are small but mighty and will last 6-8 weeks.

Cupboard treasures: Look inside your cupboard and you will probably find either white vinegar, baking soda or lemons. All of these are amazing natural cleaning ingredients, so ditch those chemicals and opt for o’natural.

Buy indoor plants: An easy eco way to spruce up your home

Dispose of pet waste responsibly: if you have a dog, always pick it up and use biodegradable poo bags. Cat lovers, have you tried out wood chippings or shredded paper scraps instead of cat litter?

a collection of the seep company cleaning products


There are so many great eco products out there in the beauty industry, often they look nicer, you can get them on subscription plus it is such a simple sustainable swap to make because these are products you use everyday...

A happy time of the month: Check out period pants, or reusable pads for a plastic free and stress free period.

Dirty Face Wipes: Did you know that most face-wipes are made from or contain non-biodegradable plastic and synthetic fibres such as polyester - yuck! Give your skin a bit more TLC with a facial cleansing oil, which literally wipe away make up - plastic and toxin free.

Solid as a rock (deodorant): Swap your aerosols for solid deodorant, single-use plastic stinks so go vegan and cruelty-free with a solid deodorant balm, often made with 100% natural ingredients.

Reusable face wipes


Everyone has the time and money to make a difference with their clothing choices, it's just knowing where to start...

Question before you buy: Where has this come from? Will I wear it a lot? Do I need it? This will help impulse buying, and help you embrace the clothes you already have. If you are going to buy, check for materials like econyl (recycled plastic) and tencel (wood pulp), these are both eco winners.

Upcycle: If an item of your clothing rips, it doesn't mean it is bin worthy! Learn a new skill and repair your own clothes. Nobody got time for that? Use SOJO for your alteration and clothing repair needs.

Rent: Try renting your clothes from places such as OnLoan and HURR. Renting clothes not only saves you money and wardrobe space but significantly reduces the amount of fabric ending up in landfill each year. Plus, you will never run out of clothes to wear.

 a person holding a few pairs of jeans folded

We hope these handy hints provide a little more insight on small changes you can make in an effort to be that little bit greener at home! For more info from our friends at Seep follow here or fancy browsing our favourite books and podcasts on sustainability click here


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