Mindful Mornings

Mornings can be overlooked a lot in our busy lives, but it can be an opportunity to set yourself up for the day ahead. Reset and align your thoughts and purpose for the day. Creating space in the morning to have a moment of calm and forge our own rituals can have such a positive impact on your day, setting the mood for what lies ahead! 

We can all admit we love a little extra time in bed in the morning and are guilty of hitting snooze.  

When the time is right the benefits of early rising can be amazing! You'll notice your energy levels are up when exposed to more daylight. Meaning we can feel a little less sluggish while you craft your very own mindful morning. 

Set your alarm a little earlier.

Whatever this looks like to you, give yourself an extra hour of pottering before you even have to think about getting ready for work. If you find you're laying in bed until the last possible minute so you're always rushing with no time to think, try scheduling 20 minutes to get up and enjoy your favourite cup of coffee. We find this small change can have such an impact on your day, you may even find you've managed to catch up on a few life admin jobs before work (winning!). 


Pick up that book.

Some of you may be wondering where on earth are you squeezing in reading? Now you have your extra time in the mornings, you’d be surprised. We can say it’s been a game changer for us at Aery. Set yourself a small achievable goal and get into the habit. Many of us can be used to cracking the TV on in the background as we rush around and throw some sort of breakfast together. We're flying through our favourite books at the moment. Head over to Good Reads, it's a great way to save genres you'd love to explore, save recommendations and see what your friends are reading. 


Slow down.

Do you have a go-to morning beverage? Are you reaching for the coffee or do you have a breakfast smoothie to fill you with goodness and vitamins first thing? Whatever your drink of choice, take the time to enjoy the ritual of making it. Clearing your mind and taking stock while you prepare your drink. Have you had something on your mind or on your to-do list that's been bothering you, shake it off and focus on the now and the process of your making it. Never noticed how tasty that coffee was or how comfy that chair you're sitting on is? Sit back, relax and sink into a mindful 10 minutes while you enjoy a little peace. We're real advocates of this one! 



This can seem like such an overwhelming concept for many so just start simple. There are some great options out there to guide you through with helpful tips. You can start as easily by writing down what’s going to make today good, how can you challenge yourself today? It’s a great way to reflect too reminding you of little rays of positivity you may have overlooked throughout your day. It's easy to overlook the little things, perhaps you had a lovely walk at lunch and an old friend called for a catch-up or you managed to make a personal best in sport. Journaling is the perfect way to add small positive changes to your daily lives and instil gratitude into what some days may seem mundane.  




Now, we aren't saying jump out of bed into a full Vinyasa flow! But sun salutations can be a lovely energising wake up stretch leaving you feeling revitalised and ready for the day ahead. So roll out your mat, grab a yummy herbal tea and start your day with 10 minutes of these.