The wellbeing benefits of dark chocolate with Love Cocoa

We all love a bit of chocolate now and again, so what better to have than a stash of good quality fair trade chocolate ready to snack on in the evening or provide your guests with a post-dinner sweet treat, vegan-friendly of course. 


The higher the Cocoa content the better!

There have been a few studies showing the benefits of dark chocolate. As it’s filled with antioxidants, it’s been known to remove free radicals from the body effectively. It’s also been said to keep skin youthful and healthy (pass us the box!). 

Aery red and white candles and diffusers on a coffee table next to a plate of love cocoa chocolates and strawberries

The important thing to note is that you’re looking for chocolate with a cocoa content of 70% and above. The cocoa is filled with nutrients and can have a positive effect on your general wellbeing. 

Cocoa is filled with vitamin A, E and C which are great for improving your immune system. Studies have even shown it may improve your blood flow and lower your blood pressure as the cocoa can stimulate the lining of the arteries in producing Nitric Oxide  

Of course, everything needs to be in moderationIt doesn’t mean you need to go and eat all the dark chocolate you can find! But it’s good to know while you feel you’re having an indulgent moment. There’s nothing better than feel-good chocolate!

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Do we even need to highlight this? If you’re finding your reaching for a little pick-me-up at the end of a busy day or fancy something sweet, reach for the dark chocolate. Cocoa can boost and help generate serotonin through your body.  


Tree Planting.

Love Cocoas collections are made from fair trade cocoa and quality ingredients, and of course offer vegan-friendly goodies! For each product sold they plant 1 tree to help offset their carbon footprint.   

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Why not try adding their Maldon Sea Salt 71% Cocoa Bar and Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate buttons to a vegan-friendly cookie recipe for a tasty sharing snack?