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Article: Stocking Filler Gift Guide

collection of aery candles and gift wrap christmas presents

Stocking Filler Gift Guide

Is there a better feeling than waking up on Christmas morning and opening your stocking? There’s something so nostalgic about hanging it up each year for Father Christmas to fill with small moments of joy, no matter your age. That’s why we’re here to help you give this magical feeling to your loved ones this Christmas with our Stocking Filler Gift Guide.

What makes the perfect stocking filler? 

Ultimately, they have to be small enough to fit in a stocking, and they’re often little treats that the recipient wouldn’t usually buy for themselves. Read on for the Aery goodies that we know will make your friends and family smile on Christmas morning.

person handing gift to someone in front of the christmas tree

Jar Candles 

Our jar candles are the perfect size to pop in your loved one’s stockings. Available in all our best-selling fragrances, these pocket-sized versions of our full size candles show your friends and family that you’re thinking about their wellbeing, and encouraging them to take a mindful moment out of the Christmas craziness. Whether you’re gifting a new parent who would appreciate one of our sleepy scents, or someone who appreciate some positive energy in their space, there’s a scent for everyone. 

Fragrance Oils

Our fragrance oils definitely tick the ‘small’ category. The bitesize bottles of scent fit perfectly amongst other goodies in your stocking and the packaging feels luxurious. Don’t let their size fool you; they may be small, but their benefits are huge. Designed to be used in oil burners or electric diffusers, they’re the perfect gift for the wellbeing lovers in your life. From fragrances that help you relax and destress, to uplifting scents that bring a positive energy to your space, our fragrance oils offer something for every mood and moment at the click of a button. 


person holding before sleep fragrance oil whilst in their pyjamas
And if you think they’d like our fragrance oils, they’ll love our pocket-sized Pulse Point Roll Ons.

Pillow & Room Mists 

Room mists are a luxury that we don’t often treat ourselves too, which makes them a great stocking filler. We know how scent plays a huge part in how a room feels, so giving someone the ability to unwind or feel uplifted with just a couple of spritzes is wonderful. Our sleepy scents Before Sleep, Sleep Happy and Dream Catcher are filled with fragrance to help you drift off into a peaceful night’s sleep, and our room mists in classic Aery scents are full of fragrance and a great way to give a room a boost.

person holding dream catcher pillow mist in bedside setting

Discovery Gift Sets

A slightly bigger gift - that would just about squeeze into a stocking - our set of 3 candles are a great present for a little extra luxury. Offering a selection of miniature votive candles that make excellent introductions to our collections, we have a set for every mood and moment. From our festive Winter Thyme gift set to dreamy Sleep Happy trio, you can’t go wrong!

set of three votive candles in sleepy scents displayed in bathroom caddy
If you need a little more Christmas gifting inspiration, take a look at our Gift Guide For The Conscious Giver.

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