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Article: The best wellbeing gifts for Mother's Day

three mini green glass candles on a coffee table next to a vase filled with flowers and a coffee mug

The best wellbeing gifts for Mother's Day

As Mother's day approaches many of us will be thinking about finding the perfect gift. Whoever Mum is to you, Step mum, gran-mum, brand new Mum's or those who act like our Mum, this one is for you!

Share the love with a little wellbeing. Feel-good fragrance that they'll fall in love with from just £13. Instilling the perfect peaceful moment or add a boost of energy for those busy days.

aery living green glass candle and diffuser displayed on coffee table

Inspire calm with hand creams

Great on-the-go essentials or for providing a real sense of luxury at home. Nutrient-rich hand creams containing aloe vera, olive leaf extract and vitamin E. Ideal for adding those little moments of joy throughout their day. Cruelty-free and free from Parabens, Sulphates and Phthalates. Perfect handbag size for mood-boosting on the move. A fragrance for every mood all packed into a fully recyclable aluminium tube.

Eternal Optimist: Your go-to tube of optimism. Rejuvenate with Neroli, Jasmine and Sandalwood. Vibrant and moisturising hand creams for everyday use. 

Moroccan Rose: Luxuriously rich in every sense! Packed with comforting and uplifting notes of Rose, Tonka and Musk that will inspire calm and relaxation wherever.


Soothe and relax with bath salts

Rejuvenate with our mineral-rich bath salts. Designed to support your overall wellbeing with pure Himalayan & Epsom salts. Blended with our signature scents these will hydrate, relax and help to unwind. Packed with Magnesium that supports over 300 processes in our bodies contributing to energy production and a healthy nervous system. So not only do they smell dreamy but they have amazing wellbeing benefits too. 

Before Sleep: Provide them with the tools to master their Before Sleep routine. Effortlessly relaxing and smooth notes to help unwind. Lavender is a bedtime hero promoting better sleep and lowering stress levels. Meaning these bath salts are perfect for carrying you blissfully from bath to bed.

Heavily Meditated: Blended with heavenly notes of Frankincense and Patchouli that will soothe and comfort. Perfect at combating stress and great calming companions. Himalayan and Epsom salts have anti-inflammatory properties meaning these are bathroom essentials after a long and busy day.

 aery living bath salts candle and pillow mist with person lighting candle in a bathroom setting

Relaxing (flameless!) fragrance with reed diffusers

It's always great being complimented on the scent of your home. Reed diffusers offer more of a continuous fragrance compared to candles. For around-the-clock wellbeing and no worrying about open flames. Diffusers will offer enjoyment wherever they're placed, allowing them to enjoy mood-boosting or relaxing fragrance wherever they go. Requiring minimal effort to maintain meaning they can be left alone to do their job. Both care and worry-free. You can find out how to get the best out of your reed diffusers here

Herbal Tea: Packed with floral, fresh and herbal notes this reed diffuser is the ultimate mood-booster. Best served in any room! A versatile fragrance that works well anywhere in your home. Uplift and invigorate with botanical goodness.

Happy Space: A signature scent and favourite amongst you all. Uniquely warm and floral. This reed diffuser will feel like there's always a fresh bunch of blooms at home. A soothing home fragrance that'll fill them with that warm and fuzzy feeling. 

aery living pink happy space reed diffuser next to product packaging displayed on a brass counter top

Gift sets for every mood

Too much choice? Our gift sets embody a whole range of scents to pick from. The perfect discovery sets for all of those Mum's out there! Beautifully designed in sweet matchbox-style packaging. Gifts that will inspire botanical dreams, a good night's sleep and happy spaces. Our votive candles are 70g each and have a 15-hour burn time. Hand poured in Bristol with 100% Natural Vegan wax.

Wanderlust: A trio of rose and floral-scented dreams! Hand-poured into gorgeous tonal mini ceramic pots that are great for reusing. From light-hearted and fun to something a little more grounding. This set is comprised of of Aztec Tuberose, Moroccan Rose & Parisian Rose.

Sleep Happy: Gift a good night's sleep this Mother's Day. A trio of sleepy wonders designed to soothe, relax and unwind. Ideal for discovering their next favourite dream-time scent. This set features our newest signature bedtime fragrance Sleep Happy. Along with Before Sleep & Dream Catcher.

 set of three mini pink ceramic candles on a bath caddy in bathroom setting

We hope our gift guide has inspired ideas for those we love most! Gift a little wellbeing to inspire calming or mood-boosting vibes this Mother's day (and any day!)

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