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Article: Top Five Essential Oils For Wellbeing

a bottle of clear essential oil with a black dropper lid presented on an open book.

Top Five Essential Oils For Wellbeing

Whilst luscious fragrances are an important part of aromatherapy, that’s not all that it’s about. If used correctly, aromatherapy can be tailored to help with your wellbeing. As a company that integrates essential oils into our products, we know how many positive effects they can have. 

Essential oils used in aromatherapy are extracted from natural sources like flowers and plants. With a wide range of essential oils available on the market, each with their own specific properties, it can be hard to know where to start. So, we’ve put together our own handy guide to help you know how to begin when integrating aromatherapy into your self-care rituals.  


Lavender is an absolute classic when it comes to promoting wellbeing. Used in medicine since the ancient Egyptian period, this fragrance is great for those who have trouble switching off or getting to sleep. Shown to reduce stress and aid with a good night’s sleep, this essential oil is perfect for those looking to unwind. We recommend Sleep Happy for the ultimate calming scent. Infused with lavender, bergamot and chamomile, this dreamy fragrance is sure to dispel any negative emotions.  

 a vase of lavender in a white pot on a white marble surface infront of a white wall


Geranium is a gardener’s favourite, but who’d have thought this vibrant plant could also help benefit the mind and body? Geranium essential oil can be used to help reduce stress, fatigue and tension, as well as enhancing focus and concentration. This makes it the perfect essential oil for scenting your home with. We recommend Happy Space for cosy and reassuring floral scents. Delectable notes of geranium, rose and amber are all perfectly combined to create a garden of happiness within you home!  

Happy Space Bath Salts balanced on a wooden bath tray across a bath. There is a folded pink towel next to the container.


The perfect essential oil for balance, bergamot has long been used in folk medicine to help reduce anxiety symptoms and dispel low mood. Bergamot is perfect for balancing your feelings and encouraging emotional stability. If you need to block out some negative emotions, lighting a bergamot scented candle is a good start! We recommend Revive, a gorgeous blend of bergamot, amber and cedar, for a calming and inspiring scent that’s sure to give your positivity a boost.  

Bergamot, Lemon and Limes sliced half open on a well-lit countertop


Chamomile is another traditional essential oil when it comes to aiding wellbeing. Chamomile acts as a mild and natural sedative so it’s perfect for organically reducing anxiety and helping to improve sleep quality. If this is something you need a little help with then we recommend Herbal Tea. A fragrant blend of chamomile, lavender and sage, Herbal Tea is the perfect fragrance for positivi- tea! Why not try working this fragrance into your morning routine to help set you up for the day and get you off to a great start?  

Lit Herbal Tea candle on a wooden surface next to its container. Some daisies are presented infront of it and a houseplant in a green glass pot behind it


Frankincense is perfect for encouraging focus and balance in the mind, making it a vital essential oil for self-care and wellbeing. Frankincense is the ideal scent for pairing with your yoga or meditation practice for optimum focus. If you’re struggling to get in the mood for meditation then Heavily Meditated is the perfect fragrance for you. Focus inspiring notes of frankincense, eucalyptus and cedar are perfectly balanced to invite grounding and steadying the mind.  

heavily meditated candle presented ontop a pile of books on a wicker chair. A blanket is slung over the back of the chair. White background.

If used properly, essential oils can help aid wellbeing in a variety of different ways. We hope this guide has helped you to find some ways to work aromatherapy into your self-care practice. What essential oils will you be trying?  

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