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Article: A Catch Up With Nina Pethers.

A Catch Up With Nina Pethers.

A Catch Up With Nina Pethers.

We caught up with the lovely Nina Pethers on one of our recent shoots in her fabulous home. An amazing home build that's sure to give you inspiration for all you interior dreams! We're in love with this home and of course, Daisy and Lola!

exterior outdoor home kitchen setting surrounded by trees and finished in dark grey clad
Where do you look for inspiration?

There is so much of it around it's hard to switch off! I tend to look to Instagram for my main inspiration, gathering screen grabs of things that have caught my eye, and then piecing it all together in my mind. I also went on a fabulous mood board building course with the wonderful Katie at Hello Haus where I learnt how build room sets around a single stand out item.

However, when I began my home renovations, I had no idea where to start, back then I used to look to my monthly magazine subscriptions where I would fold over the corner of the bits I liked. Then came Pinterest which was a huge leap forward for me
a never ending magazine!

I also take inspiration from conversations I have with my Instagram community; I love it when something pops into the mind when chatting to the friends I have made on there!

bedroom setting with colourful green scatter cushion and metal frame bed. Comfy cream chair with small dog sleeping under and a dressing table

My taste has changed a lot over the years I have tried to adapt things to fit within each of my house renovations but this latest one (the house you see in the photos) was very Scandi and minimal whereas in the past, we had always had period properties. So, this time the old- fashioned pieces didn’t fit and a fresh start was needed!

We did however keep
my favourite vintage piece and old Air Ministry work bench which actually being totally opposite to the style of the house, worked! Combining the old and the new and the rich deep warmth of the wood sit beautifully against the cool greys and whites of its new setting.


What are your favourite pieces in your home?

My scandi light shades from HAY DK that hang over our long streamline graceful dinner table also from HAY. Their conical shape and fine thin wooden veneer really complete the dining area as a central feature for our open plan living.
minimal neutral design bedroom setting
The workbench is another firm favourite alongside my abstract prints that I have throughout the house. They tend to be brown/taupe colours which add a certain cosiness to the contemporary room styling. Quite a few of them are by Anu Reison, she really has wonderful abstracts. I also have a few typographic pieces too which add a little narrative to the space, such as my 'This must be the place’ one and the Copenhagen print that I bought on holiday when I went there a few years ago.

I also like characterful pieces such as my Scandi birds and also my plants (faux - I know! But I cant seem to keep the real ones alive!) Dotting these more 3D pieces about the house really add shaping and interest.

Do you have a favourite designer?

Yes a few! Cooee design has some gorgeous pieces that I have dotted around the house. My go-to high street brands are Ferm Living, Hay Design and I don't shy away from H&M for accessories or cushion covers. As well as adding house plants I love Shida Preserved flowers for adding an extra layer too.

bedroom dressing table with small mirror, dried plants and colourful minimal prints

What’s your favourite thing to do to relax and unwind?

To be honest, I rarely unwind and stay still. But, when I do I love taking my dogs out for beautiful walks around the village and countryside, Daisy & Lola (named after Marc Jacobs perfume!) They love getting out for the day.

Pottering in the garden is a love of mine too, I have lots of plans for the garden so starting work on that helps me unwind I find it so therapeutic being out in nature and just focusing on that one task, it really has its mindful benefits. After an afternoon in the garden, I love coming in and relaxing with a glass of red..


What’s your favourite thing to do at the weekend?

Weekends are my time to plan projects! I always have something going on or an idea to put into practice. I love to keep moving. At the moment I'm working on the spare room for when family come to stay. So, I'm busy sourcing ideas and inspiration. I love spending time with family and friends too and enjoying good food. Since lock down, the MasterChef winner Ping Combes who lives in our village has been home cooking and delivering food it's been such a treat!

wooden clad house with black window accents, garden setting with small trees, plants and allotment style raised beds with veg
Favourite fragrances for summer/winter?

Fragrance is actually really important to me as I used to have my own business in beauty therapy doing facials. I'd always use calming and restorative essential oils in my blends, my studio would always smell incredible which was an added bonus! I also used to be a food taster many years ago which scent played a big part in, so I have always had a pretty good nose!

I'm drawn to more grounding, warming and earthy scents all year-round Nutmeg, spices, amber, bergamot, patchouli and Frankincense. I think because my home is so open-plan I feel these sorts of fragrances bring it all together and add a sense of comfort. In spring and summer, I go for something a little more floral but I do like to keep those warming earth scents nearby!

open plan dining and kitchen setting

What are your favourite Aery Fragrances?

The new Fernweh scents are gorgeous! Moroccan Rose and Himalayan Cedarleaf have a very warm and inviting feel and I just love the little ceramic pots they come in and that you can re- use them as planters (for my faux plants! After they are finished). Happy Space is another one that really stood out to me, this did surprise me as I wouldn’t say I'm normally that drawn to rose-based scents! However, this one is balanced really well with the amber and is now in my en-suite. Black Oak is divine too, it's very deep and musky with a hint of freshness from the oak moss. It comes in a green glass vessel which sits wonderfully against my monochrome decor. Oh, and lastly Persian Thyme and Heavily Meditated – fingers crossed for many hours of uninterrupted sleep now!

You can follow Nina on Instagram Here 

woman sitting in outside kitchen setting smiling holding two small golden balloons

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