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Article: 5 Tips to Drift Off into a Better Sleep

5 Tips to Drift Off into a Better Sleep

5 Tips to Drift Off into a Better Sleep

We all know how important sleep is to our physical and mental wellbeing. But how can sometimes, something so simple be so hard? We're here to give you our favourite tips to help us unwind into a relaxing sleep. There's nothing better than that feeling of jumping straight out of bed ready for your day ahead after you've caught some good quality zzzs.



Whatever this looks like to you it's important to take time whether it's outside in the fresh air, your favourite yoga flow or a good session in the gym. Not only does this have its physical benefits but it's a great time to exercise your mind too. Giving you the perfect opportunity to have a little mental timeout and leaving you feeling energised. The main point here is that you’re doing something you enjoy and avoid anything that feels like a chore. You’re much more likely to drift off a little easier and deeper sleep having exercised your mind, body and soul through the day. However that may be!



That means phones, laptops iPads and TVs. These days, it's pretty difficult to avoid screen time. The balance in creating an easier or more organised life via your phone of computer is a tough one. Especially when you find yourself surrounded by screens most of the day. Top tip: We find leaving your phone in another room before bedtime and when you’re sleeping works really well. We all know we’re guilty of scrolling into oblivion, catching up on chats and even responding to a few work emails. Without even realising it we've let our minds wander and perhaps become a little more stressed! Can you try waking up in the mornings with an alarm clock instead of your phone?


De-clutter your bedside tables



Cluttered room cluttered mind! Next thing you know gazing at the ‘floordrobe’ meaning you’re probably thinking of your to do list. Must. Clear. Space. It’s easy to let things slip especially in todays busy lives but if you can, keep your bedroom free from work and avoid using those ‘temporary wardrobes’ (guilty). Bedside tables also should be fully stocked with dreamy essentials such as books, your favourite skincare, sleepy teas and heavenly home fragrance. Metaphorically speaking too it's great to create space in your mind as well. Forget tomorrow’s jobs or what you didn't get the chance to do today. Give yourself a relaxing and peaceful environment to completely switch off and one that you want to spend time unwinding in.



You'd be surprised by the impact a caffeinated drink can have even at 3 pm. We love a good coffee just as much as the next but try and resist that late afternoon urge if you find yourself reaching for the 3pm slump cup. Caffeine intake can affect our quality of sleep, if you think you're maybe drinking a little too many of those hot delicious extra shot drinks try to cut back and see if you notice a difference We enjoy nestling into bed with a lovely herbal night-time tea an hour or so before bed.



This will be different for everyone, what ever it is make sure you enjoy it. Forging new habits can be difficult but so rewarding. Focusing on what you respond best to to create your own peaceful sanctuary. Whether it's sinking into a relaxing bath at the end of a busy day followed by a relaxing 10 minutes of stretching or just getting into your favourite bedding and pyjamas with a book. Not only are wind-down rituals essential but they're personal. So once you've discovered yours, there will be no looking back!


Essential oils to watch out for! Lavender is certainly top on the list of bedtime heroes but let's not forget these favourites.

Cedarwood: It's been known to have properties that can ease anxiety and calm your senses.

Patchouli: Naturally floral and woody in scent, this sleepy-time treasure has been known to have sedative qualities.


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