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Article: Where is the best place to put a reed diffuser?

Where is the best place to put a reed diffuser?

Where is the best place to put a reed diffuser?

Diffusers are a great way to enhance your space with a beautiful long-lasting scent. They are perfect for giving the whole room a subtle yet luxurious lift to your senses. Not only this, they’re great for decorating your home and filling those empty spaces. You can understand why we love reed diffusers here at Aery!


Reed diffuser for bathroom.

Reed diffusers are perfect for a bathroom, with the right fragrance it can help your bathroom appear fresher, crisp and clean. (win!) We would recommend diffusers with a more invigorating and zesty scent. Fragrances like bergamot and lemon help to give that classically clean feel to your bathroom, not to mention bergamot's anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties! These fragrances are also brilliant for those early mornings. Giving you a much-needed boost and spring in your step to start your day right. These sorts of essential oils can help trigger those hormones we like to call happy hormones. Essential oils and reed diffusers we would recommend for this are Citrus Tonic, Eternal Optimist and Green Bamboo. Get ready to feel awaken and energised!


Aery Living Reed Diffuser and Candle on A Window Cill Next To Plant


 Reed diffuser for bedroom.

Here at Aery we understand how important creating the perfect environment for your bedroom is. Sleep is so important for our wellbeing as well as recovery and productivity. Plus there’s nothing better than nestling into a plump and cosy bed with dreamy and relaxing fragrances. Reed diffusers are a great way to fill your bedroom with long lasting and continuous fragrance, an unwinding essential after a long and busy day. We would suggest using essential oils and fragrances with calming affects such as lavender, patchouli, or cedar. Working to soothe your central nervous system so your heart rate slows and your cortisol levels decrease.

Whatever your unwinding rituals are, meditation, stretching or reading a book sleepy scents such as Dream Catcher, Before Sleep & Heavily Meditated will do wonders for routine.

Aery Living Heavily Meditated Candle and Diffuser on Bedside table

Reed diffuser for kitchen.

The kitchen is a great place for a read diffuser. The long-lasting fragrances can help to maintain a fresh and neutral scent. Especially in larger kitchens with breakfast bars or seating areas where it can be enjoyed by everyone! We recommend diffusers with floral and fruity scents. Lemongrass, grapefruit, and mandarin are some of our most loved fresh and fruity fragrances to use. Enjoy some Bonsai Tree or Positive Energy full of vibrant fragrance! 

Aery Living Bonsai Tree Reed Diffuser on Counter Top Next To Plants

Reed diffuser for office.

Staying focused and positive is something we all want to stay on top of in your office, which is why we always make sure we’ve got our reed diffusers on shelves or next to our desks. Fragrances that are great for this are peppermint, sandalwood and vetiver. These essential oils are ideal for regulating serotonin and dopamine to rescue us in those stressful situations. You could always try pairing your diffusers. Here at the Aery office, we love pairing Eternal Optimist with Positive Energy to achieve an overall refreshing scent.

Aery Living Reed Diffuser Positive Energy on A Desk

How to make reed diffuser last longer

Whenever we buy fragrances we love we want them to last forever! So setting up your reed diffuser and taking care of it is important to get the most out of it. Luckily, these gems require minimal effort! Here are some of our tips on how to look after reed diffusers so those dreamy scents can last. We encourage turning the reeds every two weeks for a stronger scent throw or every four weeks if you prefer something a little more subtle. Alongside this, it's good to keep spare reeds and change them when the scent starts to fade. Placing your diffuser somewhere high up and open is always best as it can then utilise any airflow to fill the room. We advise to keep the diffuser out of direct sunlight to avoid the oils evaporating, which would not help those luxurious scents last.



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