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Article: Five Steps to Perfect your Morning Routine

Five Steps to Perfect your Morning Routine

Five Steps to Perfect your Morning Routine

It’s a new year, which means it's time to renew, refresh and reboot! Getting out of old habits and starting anew is a staple for January. Which means it’s a perfect time to try changing up your routines. Having a good morning routine, tailored to you, is essential for starting the day on the right note and sets the tone for the rest of the day. So, we thought we’d share a few of our favourites for those who are looking for a little shake up!

Give Yourself Plenty of Time.

Nobody likes rushing around, especially when you’re only just starting your day. It can often lead to extra stress and even forgetting to do important things. For a less hectic morning make sure you have plenty of time to achieve the things you need to do (even if you like a lie in!). Making a list can be helpful for this as it makes sure nothing is missed out.  Once you’ve worked out how much time it usually takes you to get ready, set an alarm with this in mind, try to avoid pressing snooze (as it makes it harder for you to focus during the day) and enjoy the extra time!  

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Nourish Your Body.

Although we don’t always feel like eating first thing in the morning, it’s important to restore the body after a long nights sleep. Making sure you have something nutritious to eat in the morning gives you some much needed fuel and puts you in the right frame of mind to accomplish what you need to in the day. Drinking water in the morning is also super important! Your body loses a lot of fluid during sleep so replenishing this and making sure you don’t start your day dehydrated is essential for a great morning routine.

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Take Time to Reflect.

Stepping back and taking note of what your goals for the day are can really help you prioritise what you want to accomplish that day and keep you from being overwhelmed. Making a list of everything can help you to get everything out of your head and down on paper so you don’t forget anything important! Meditation is also a great practice to work into your morning routine and can help you to slow down, find clarity and take a long deep breath before you get moving again! Learn more about making your morning routine mindful in our previous blog post here!

Get Moving.

As tempting as it is to stay snuggled in bed, getting up and getting moving can help get the blood flowing and make you feel energised for the day ahead. Whether it’s a full gym workout, a quick morning run or just a few stretches, getting a few endorphins in your system can be the perfect morning pick-me-up. Endorphins from exercise act as a natural boost and make you feel positive about the day ahead.

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Spark Joy.

Although having a productive morning routine is often presented as the ideal, taking some time to do something you enjoy is also important. Whether it’s making time to listen to your favourite song, watch a series you enjoy or prepare something yummy for breakfast, having something to look forward to in the morning can help get your day started in the right way.

Having a morning routine which suits you and ensures your set up well for the day is vital for a fresh start this new year! Will you be changing anything in your morning routine? Let us know what you’re changing and what will be staying the same!

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