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Article: Our Top 5 Tips to Drift Off To A Dreamy Night's Sleep

Our Top 5 Tips to Drift Off To A Dreamy Night's Sleep

Our Top 5 Tips to Drift Off To A Dreamy Night's Sleep

Fall into a dreamy sleep with our favourite before sleep rituals.


Night-time routines look different for everyone but crafting one that works for you can do wonders for getting that restful night’s sleep you’ve been dreaming of. Creating evening habits that our brain can recognise helps us to connect with our natural circadian rhythm (our body's 24 hour clock) and signal that it is time to start winding down. Below are some steps you can take to help fall into that perfect sleep we always wish for.  

1. Open your bedroom windows. 

Opening windows in your bedroom is a great step to take when winding down for bed. This will help get the fresh air flowing and the room to cool down. A cool room helps to prompt those sleepy signals. This is because our body temperature naturally drops in the evening, signalling that it is time to get some sleep, so keeping our room cool will reinforce this, not to mention also encouraging the production of melatonin an essential hormone for a good night’s sleep! 

Bedroom window with bed

2. Yoga before sleep. 

Gentle exercise like yoga is a brilliant evening activity to help relieve any physical tension or emotional stress which might keep us up at night. Slow and purposeful movements, working out any physical aches and pains that stress may be causing will help our body to relax and feel ready to fall asleep. Benefits also include waking up feeling refreshed and stretched!

woman stretching in a yoga posture

3. Take a bath or shower  before bed. 

A quick shower or bath before diving into those cosy pyjamas and freshly washed bed sheets can be the best feeling! The hot water will raise our body temperature so when we get out our body temperature naturally will fall again creating those sleepy signals we spoke of earlier. If you want to make your evening bath even more dreamy, we recommend adding some bath salts, our Before Sleep fragrance with lavender essential oil will sure get you feeling ready to nestle down into bed.

aery living bath salts on top of a bath caddy with house plant in the background

4. Journaling. 

Here at Aery, we love journaling. It can often be the case that we hold onto anxious thoughts throughout the day and then keep us up at night, so going to bed in a positive headspace after journaling any reflections or little things we are grateful for is a great way to put our minds at ease. We encourage you to find your happy activity before bed, whether it's meditating, journaling or reading; a happy activity will help us fall asleep with peaceful minds and wake up on the right side of the bed.  

person writing in a journal

5. Create a sleepy environment. 

Creating a cosy environment where you go to sleep in is a key step for a good night’s sleep. Making sure your space is relaxed, clutter-free and inviting means you want to unwind and spend time in it before you switch off to snooze. Whether it's lots of snug blankets and cosy cushions on your favourite comfy chair or fresh and crisp sheets with soft and dreamy pillows. Whatever it is, your sleepy place is unique to you and will help you feel relaxed. Try giving our Dream Catcher pillow mist a spritz for that final touch before you nestle down. The lavender essential oil will help to soothe your CNS, allowing your heart rate to slow and your brain activity to lessen.   

 comfy and cosy neutral bedding

Sleep well! 

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